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how long will it take to get rid of cramps in my feet and hands. i had cramps in my left hand that last for 10 min, my thumb was stuck behind my 4 fingers and would not move, it was very painfull. i get them in my feet but they are not as bad as my hands. how do you get rid of them. my blood work is normal. someone told me to get vitamin k????


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    I'm assuming your pains are from taxol(?) as adjuvant treatment?

    Stay away from the vit K - it's for people who have trouble with blood not clotting. Should you be on tamoxifen or coumadin with a port, it would be the last thing you'd want to take. Keep those tgood blood tests coming.

    How about physical therapy or a pain management clinic for some help? My cousin had taxol and carboplatin for lung cancer - her feet esp. bothered her and she got a foot pedal machine to exercise her feet from PT. Said it helped a lot.

    I am on navelbine which over the long haul has affected my hands and feet more than taxol did two years ago. Tingling and numbness are a constant.

    Don't add anything more than good multi-vitamin/ mineral supplement and discuss the pain with your doctor.

    Good Luck!
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    Make sure you talk to your onc first before self-medicating! My onc upped my calcium and added magnesium. So far, so good. I am on Tamoxifen now and that is one of the lovely problems with it. Hope you get relief soon. Hugs, Jayne