About Ben's surgery

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Hi well its over and Ben did well... 13 hours of surgery boy was it a long day yesterday.. but good news too Dr Gearhart was able to spare Bens prostrate and bladder. She went in threw both the front and rear and "very" slowly worked the tumors out... not sure if any nodes yet are positive and also she wasnt able to view or feel Bens liver so more test will have to be run to make sure no spreads to that area. Ben stomache from all the other surgery was amess.. of scar tissue and mesh. He is the talk of ICU cause of it all the nurse say that all they are hearing about is his mess.
He will be in ICU for another day maybe then sent to a regular room.But really for what he was threw I think he looks great compared to his other times.... I give John Hopkins and Dr Gearhart a A++ :)
Thank you for all the prayer :)


  • StacyGleaso
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    Congratulations! I am so happy for you and Ben, and wish you both MANY years of equal success! Take the recovery slow...don't try too much too soon!

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    Hi Teresa
    I am Happy for you and Ben. keep giving good news.
    Take care
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    Tessy- I am so happy to hear that Ben made it through surgery in good shape. My prayers that recuperation will be smooth.

    Best wishes,

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    This is great news to hear. I hope the recovery goes smoothly and quickly.
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    ipetrou said:

    This is great news to hear. I hope the recovery goes smoothly and quickly.

    Hiya Teresa==hey--give Ben a hugg from Jen!----and give him a high 5 from me--wishing him well in recovery--kanga n Jen
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    Thanks for keeping us postedwith the good news With the surgery over, Ben can now focus on healing again. You both sound so strong. Be sure and take care of yourself, too! ((((((hugs)))))) to you both....gentle ones for Ben! Judy
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    GREAT NEWS!!! You're both in our thoughts and prayers. I emailed you. Keep in touch!

    Sally Jo
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    wishing you & ben & healthy recovery. julie:)
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    Great goin'.
    Have faith
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    I'm so grateful that Ben did so well in surgery. Keep fighting and I will be praying for both of you.


  • Unknown
    Teresa, what great, fantastic, and just outright wonderful news. I am so happy for the both of you. Things will just continue to get better.

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    Great news for Ben and for you!!!! I know you're glad that it's over. Now, I pray that his healing is fast and that you can at least partly put it behind you. I know I am anxious about my surgery on the 20th. Say a little prayer for me.
    Love and prayers, Judy H.
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    Teresa and Ben,

    So happy for your good news. You will stay in my prayers.