Breast Reconstruction

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I am 65 yrs old, preparing for masectomy, only reconstruction is shoulder flap with implant. Any advice


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    There are other options, I was totally unsuccessful with tissue expanders and implants so I do not recommend that route. You may want to consider the DIEP flap. Check the Johns Hopkins Hospital--this is the only flap surgery they are doing because other flap surgeries cause too many problems
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    Dw, I did not opt for reconstruction or implants because I just wanted everything healed as well and as quickly as possible prior to chemotherapy and radiation. There certainly may be reasons why shoulder flap with implant is your only option, but if you are uncertain about why, ask. If you would like another opinion, do get one. Do your homework by comparing information, and find someone familiar with the procedure that appeals to you most.

    There is so much conflicting information, it is hard to sift through it, especially when under duress, and I'm sorry for what you are going through. My radiation oncologist suggested that if I wanted to have reconstruction done, I ought to have it done prior to radiation, because radiation can affect the elasticity of the skin. Others have been told to wait until after radiation. I figured that if I went with my instinct, I could always revisit the subject later if it became an issue for me.