the results r in!!

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hello all. i will remind u a little about what has been going on. in 02 was told of recurrance in both lungs and in pelvic and ab. in 03 went to mayo to have to major surgerys one in feb and one in march. just in jan 04 had at least 7 very visible lung lesions and several small ones. got scans monday and everything is gone except one lesion in my left lung but it is half the size it was. i needed some good news and the fight continues and with the help of God i will prevail. thank to all of you who said a prayer on my previous post. i will continue to pray for everyone on this site.



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    Nettie, That is wonderful news!! I get so excited and full of hope every time I read a success story. Keep up the fight and keep bringing us good news! Mike
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    Hi Nettie. That is wonderful news!!!! I will continue to pray for you and everyone on this site. Keep the good news coming. I get excited with success stories. It gives me hope for me and others here. We must all fight and be here for each other.
    Love and prayers, Judy H.
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    What great news! Thanks so much for updating us. My prayers that things continue to go well.

    Best wishes,

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    I am still sorta new here, but I am so excited to hear your news! My hubby is just starting chemo and feeling the side effects. I keep telling him (and myself) that it means the stuff is working. He has a met to the liver ... news like yours gives me real hope. God Bless you and I'll be praying for you and others that a cure may be in sight...
    Sally Jo
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    What good news, and what a fighter you must be. Prayers for continued success. Judy
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    I am so happy you have been blessed with good news. I will put you on my prayer list, and I will pray for everyone on this net National Prayer Day!
    Keep Smiling,
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    Congratulations on the great news!! Keep up the good work!!

    Love and prayers!!

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    Nettie, what brilliant news. Wonderful for you and a great encouragement for us all.
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    vcavanagh said:

    Nettie, what brilliant news. Wonderful for you and a great encouragement for us all.

    Hey--hope the good news keeps flowing Nettie--our luv to you---we save a little for everyone!
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    Fabulous news, Nettie. It is so encouraging to
    hear reports like yours. Prayer works wonders and I will continue to remember you in mine.