Ben's Big Day

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Tomorrow is Ben surgery day.. He will have it at 7:45 am at John Hopkins with a team of 3 surgeons... Dr Gearhart, Dr Singh and Dr Schoenberg I am asking for prayers please as this is going to be a very large surgery .


  • littlejulie
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    I'll be sure to say a prayer for you & Ben. May all go well & keep us posted. I'll go to church today after work to say a prayer for all of us.

  • sallyjoy
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    Teresa, Got your email, but haven't had time to reply as I am at work so I'll write you more later. I am keeping Ben and you in my prayers. Try to be calm for Ben. I know my hubby get's especially anxious if I am anxious. Please come and update us when yoiu get the chance... Will you be staying there with him? Have they said how long he'll be in the hospital? Lincoln will probably have his surgery there (liver resection) in July. I am thinking I am going to try to get a hotel orsomething close by so I can be with him for a few days after surgery (Hopkins is 2 hrs. away) Good luck to you ... know we will be thinking of you guys... HUGS and Best wishes :)
    Sally Jo
  • jsabol
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    You will be in the thoughts and prayers of all of us, Judy
  • Lisa Rose
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    Hi Tessyann,
    I just wanted so say I'll be thinking of you both tomorrow and I'll be sure to keep you in my prayer's.
    Stay strong! and know the good Lord will be watching over you both.

  • 4mykids
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you on this very important day!

  • tanya99
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    Hi Teresa,
    Dont worry everything will be fine. We all will pray for you and Ben.
  • Unknown
    You got them! You'll both be in my thoughts all day and I will be sending you positive vibes that all goes well. Please do let us know how everything went.

    Here's a BIG ((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))).

  • StacyGleaso
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    Hi Teresa...

    I will definitely keep your family in my prayers heck, I'll start today and just build onto them til tomorrow!

    Don't forget to take care of yourself as well...