side effects of xeloda

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Has anyone had fluid retention or or difficulty breathing while taking xeloda. I have been on xeloda for 6 months and was doing very well. However last week, I started having problems, feeling very tired ,coughing, difficulty breathing and back ache. The doctor is sending me for a CT scan of the chest, she is wondering if it is a clot?


  • judiek
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    I have not been on this drug, but sure glad the doctor is going to check it out. I had a friend on it for lung mets and did very well on it (mets shrunk to nothing)but, had to go off it because of the side effects...alot of the things your experiencing. Praying it's just side effects.


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    I was on xelodafor 14 months and developed fluid retention and neuropathy in my hands and feet. You have to drink allot of water when you are on this drug. I eventually went to something else because the markers started going up. I hope all goes well. Hang in there.
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    I have been on xeloda for about 2 months now. My hands and feet sometimes become very red and hot. They feel like they are on fire. My back seems to hurt all the time, but sofar, I have not had a fluid problem,or difficulty breathing.
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    Odile, I am on Xeloda and have had some problems with coughing but Dr. tought that was associated with the Gemzar that I was taking. I did have hand and foot syndrome, so I am taking a lesser dosage and only one week on instead of two. What kind of cancer are you being treated for? Good luck and take care.