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Hi! Sue here,a little apprehensive about wearing a swimsuit.I know there is so much more serious stuff on everyone elses mind,but I'm going to my son's graduation in Mississippi next weekend and we have reservations at a Hotel w/a pool.I've always loved going to the pool and playing with the kids and I still want to,but I don't know now.My husband got me to order a swimsuit over the internet Sat.,I hope it fits,they're so expensive and not a very wide selection.I didn't have reconstructive surgery but I do have a prostethsis for swimming.The suit is suppose to have pockets for the prostethsis,well I mean it won't come out or anything will it? I know I must sound stupid butnow that summer is arriving the clothes seem to be cut lower and all and I don't want anyone seeing my chest and scars if I lean over a little.My only other thing is I'm still wearing a wig----I can't swim in it.I don't want to wear a swim cap either.What am I suppose to do? Does anyone have any suggestions,or do you know of any sites to go to?I would really appreciate your input the closer time gets the more anxious I get.I know this all sounds silly but I haven't really thought about it before--What is everyone else doing?




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    Hi i know how your felling i bought a swimsuite this winter becas we where going to stay in motel but i didnt end up using it becase of the same fear what if it falls out.As for your hair i i dont know what to tell you sorry i cant be of more help.Try and relax and enjoy the new swim suite.Bunnie
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    Hi Sue, Not silly at all just what we all as women have to go through. I was having a pity party yesterday out of the blue about my own self. For me its the hair thing. I can no longer wear a wig because my hair is too curly. I got extensions then I looked like I had a mullet, so I have to wear a hat everyday to make them look like normal hair and my eyelashes have just fallen out again for the 4th time!!!! Sorry I can't offer you any suggestions I can only say "you are not alone it sucks sometimes for all of us" hang in there and try to enjoy yourself in any way that you can!!! Hugs,
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    When I was going through treatment I still wanted to swim with my kids, and I found a website with really cute swim caps. I wish I could remember the name of it. They make wigs and hair pieces for young girls as well as women, even baseball caps with ponytails out the back and other cute things. I'll try to look up the name of the company and let you know, or try searching the web for sites for wigs for girls going through cancer treatment.
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    Hi Sue, it's Sue. Last year I bought a swimsuit with the pockets at a specialty store near me (Your local reach to recovery or breast cancer coalition should have a list of retailers). I didn't want to spend the $80 or so on the swim prosthesis (since I planned on having reconstruction) so I just stuffed it with nylons! Unless you plan on doing laps or something you'll be fine. I just wore a bandana on my head. Congrats to your son!
    p.s. FYI-they sell the pockets that you can sew into any bra/bathing suit of your choosing. I haven't personally tried it, has anyone else?
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    Hi Sue,
    I bought a swimsuit online last year. The prostesis will not fall out. The pockets are pretty tight and no one will know. As for your hair, mine was real short so I did not wear anything but if you feel funny, wear a swim cap. That will work. Good Luck
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    Hi Sue, I have a special swimsuit too and don't worry, the prostethsis will not fall out. They are made especially for us. I didn't have reconstruction yet either. I wouldn't wear the wig swimming if you have at least a little bit of hair growing on you. I looked like GI Jane but my daughters said I looked "modern" since it was the "in" thing to have that kind of look. Plus, during the summer, it's hard to wear the wig because it makes your head sweat and it's so uncomfortable. Congrats for your son. Have a good time. Hugs, Marie
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    The prosthesis will definately not be able to escape from the pocket because of the way the openings to the pockets are placed. Also, I purchased a wig "chin strap" from Paula Young at for $2.50 so that I could prevent having my wig fly off while I was using exercise equipment at a gym. Perhaps a local wig shop might carry these? Put your anxieties about all this stuff aside once you get to Mississippi and have a great time.
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    Rest assured we all have these anxieties about how our bodies are going to work/look when we get out in public. I didn't have a mastectomy, but a lumpectomy. I have dealt with the hair thing. After 4 years, my hair is FINALLY acting a little more like MY normal hair--I can blow dry it now and it doesn't become a bush on top of my head. I attended my daughter's college graduation shortly after my treatments ended and I so wanted to look normal and healthy and happy!
    "Bad hair days" surely have a different meaning to those of us that have had chemo hair.

    As you realize, what's important is that you are making it to your son's graduation -- and I'm sure he's very proud of your accomplishment of "making it through" your treatments.

    Enjoy your son's graduation and your celebration of family. Congratulations to your son, too.

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    I wasn't expecting this much response-ya'll are incredible.I'm so thankful for all of you and a place to come to,there's no other place like this.You are all beautiful and where it counts the most,I wish we could all get together somewhere for an extended weekend or better yet a week just to meet,talk,cry(if we need it) and have fun,wouldn't that be great! Keep dreaming ,RIGHT!----It would be exciting though.My swimsuit should be here today or tomorrow--I'll keep in mind everything ya'll have said,and again THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH--!!!
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    Hi Sue,
    Lots of experience with this. I have a swimsuit I LOVE from Lands End ( You can search for suit under the "mastectomy" listing. they are GREAT suits.
    I actually have a regular swimsuit, too, that I sewed a pocket into. Got the pockets from TLC, a catalog put out by the American Cancer Society. It has swimsuits, too, but I liked the Lands End styles better myself. Anyhoooo, I sewed the pocket into my regular suit, right over the existing soft cup, and slide the prothesis in and am good to go!

    I have a swim prosthesis (from TLC, about $25) but usually just use my silicone one. The swim one fits better into the sewn-in pocket, though.

    I swam bald-headed, then thru all stages of hair-growing in. TLC has a cute swim cap (if such a thing is possible) that has some height to it giving the illusion of a hairstyle underneath :)

    In the TLC catalog, I bought a baseball cap with attached scarfy-thing (looked like something Grace Kelly would wear in a convertible in Italy). I wore than while lolling on the beach or on a raft in the ocean, but not underwater.

    Good luck, you will look fabulous! And congrats to you, too!

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    What I have done is purchased fabric bra inserts in the fabric dept. (or you can purchase them in the ACS catalogue) and then just pinned them inside the mastectomy pockets of the swimsuit. Pin them on the top and bottom so they are adhered well. Also, I wear a wig, too. If you can find a hair replacement store that specialices in men's wigs, they can sew tape tabs in your wig and then you use double-sided sticky wig tape to adhere to scalp. If you have enough hair, you can also make some pincurls anchored with bobby pins and then put on your wig and anchor it with additional bobby pins to anchor pincurls underneath. Hope this helps. We have to be very innovative sometimes. Although to some these may be unimportant problems, but they really aren't to those of us who have undergone mastectomies and the emotional problems that go along with it. Hope this helps.