Break out the Champagne!

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That's what my brother said when he heard the news.
Got the results of my blood labs and CT scan. NED! And I do not have to go back for six months. They used the word remission. I never heard a sweeter sound. When asked about re-staging the
thing my onc said it could be classified as stage 11. And the recurrence was so soon after my initial surgery (in the same spot) they now think it was part of the same problem.
When were they going to tell me all this? I had to pry it out of them. Like pulling teeth to get a positive spin on the outcome.
Now the big countdown begins from my last surgery 8/02. I make that 20 months. I need a colonoscopy soon as it has been over two years since a barium enema before first surgery. Yuck!
I don't want to be that girl from High School who abandons her friends every time she had a new beau only to come crying back when they break up. So even if you don't see me posting I am reading the messages and thinking of you all.
You taught me to ask questions and I needed to learn that.Everyone here seems to have all their numbers and know the terminology. Now I am an expert too.
Aspaysia, who loves an excuse to pop a cork.


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    Pour the bubbly baby!

    Will be celebrating with you Asp!!


    peace, emily who needs the catawba juice only since alcohol makes her pass out :-)
  • StacyGleaso
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    I got goose bumps reading your posting! I am SO happy for you! What a wonderful day!

    Best Wishes,

  • jsabol
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    GREAT NEWS Aspaysia. I was worried about your not posting the results; but your bro has a good iday....a little bubbly is in order. And don't think that being in remission (sweet sound to that, eh) is ANY excuse not to keep posting. In fact, with a lightened heart, I would think the literary juices are flowing, along with the champagne.

    Relax and enjoy,
    Judy, who hopes to join the watchful waiting crew after 8 more weeks of chemo
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    YGG (You Go Girl)!!!! ENJOY!!! I was working up a pretty good pity party and you just crashed it. Made my weekend!!!

    Lisa P.
  • KrisS
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    What fantastic news.

    You go celebrate!

    Here's hoping that you have many years of drinking that yucky stuff for colonoscopies :)

    Best wishes,

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    KrisS said:

    What fantastic news.

    You go celebrate!

    Here's hoping that you have many years of drinking that yucky stuff for colonoscopies :)

    Best wishes,


    WOW!!!!!great to hear Aspaysia!
    You have given to us for a long time and now you are being rewarded.You still have a lot to give and we do hope you continue to come in and say hi.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlotsa luv n huggs---kanga n Jen
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    You guys are the best! I knew you would like to hear some good news for a change. This board seems to be skewed to those in crisis. Emily is not the only one to wonder what happens to folks who drop out. Maybe it is because they get better and do not need the support any more. Long term survivors rarely post. I commend those who stay with it to cheer us on.
    I went home after getting my results and when the phone stopped ringing - my brother called three times crying in his wine glass and he got my mother drunk too - I wanted to watched old movies. Burt Lancaster was a hottie in the 50's.
    Well, now what do I do with my life? I feel like I should DO SOMETHING. But what's wrong with just living and helping others to enjoy their lives.
    Aspaysia, glad to be a wimpy stage 11.
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    Asp, better late than never, I always say so here are my congrats on this fantastic news :o) I'm doing a little jig right now...sweating like crazy, but hey, it's worth it.

    Take care girl and I always like reading your posts and hope to see more of them....all good.

    Monika, who's dancing for Asp in hot, hot (yuko) Southern California