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Hi guys, I just wanted to say I'm relatively new here, but I have met wonderful people, I hope all of you are doing well. My husband's dr appt was today and they told us that his CEA level had gone up some. In March his cat scans were clear (He has Stage 3 Rectal Cancer)..She told us that sometimes the chemo makes it go up. I was wondering if anyone else has heard this, or if your levels had ever gone up and everything was still fine over the next several months. It was AGAIN one of those hot flash moments in the dr office.....I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. Thanks for your help.


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    Hi rdy,
    CEA arent 100% but is a red flag that your husband needs to be watch more.If on his next visit his counts are still climbing I would ask the doc for a Pet scan or MRI.. Also there is a test called a Oncoscan that can detect cancer in it "Very" early stages... but this test can only be used 1 time only..
    But CEA can rise for alot of reason like your doc said a recent infection ect ect.
    I am sure you doc will keep a close eye on him for awhile
  • Hi Elaine:

    My husband Bert, after having right colon resection last July/August 2003, had consistent CEA levels around .09. In December they rose to 2.2 and in January were hovering around 6.0.

    Since that time, a battery of test have been done, including two PETs, three CATs, colonoscopy and and MRI and all test were clear. His CEA has not dropped below 5.9 since January and has, in fact, gone all the way up 8.2....and he doesn't smoke.

    Our oncologist told us too that in some cases the chemo makes CEA rise and it just never comes back down again. I worried about this endlessly and then, with the help and support of this group as well as others, decided and learned that CEA is just merely one piece of the puzzle and to look at the whole picture, not just that piece.