radiation for bone mets

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Hello everyone,
I have read on some postings in the past that some of you had radiation for your bone mets. My doc doesn't reccomend radiation for mine because he says it will fry half of my bone marrow and if I ever had to do chemo (AC & T) again that would fry the other half.

I am wondering if those who had radiation for your bone mets had any trouble with your blood counts? And what did you do for it?



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    My oncologist said radiation was very hard on the bone marrow - and bone marrow in good shape is better to have if and when you need chemo. Most docs do not prescribe radiation unless the pain is in a very limited area or more likely very severe pain.

    I had an area in my left lumbar area last Fall that was excruciating when I stepped on my left leg so I used a wheelchair when I went for treatments etc. I could not stand the pain to walk and pain meds did not touch it. An appt. was made for radiation to that area and the next day it went away! So no radiation - appt. had been made for a few days down the road - quite a response from making an appt.

    I don't think radiation has any effect on regular blood counts.

    Good Luck,
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    I've got bone mets-right arm 8/01 radiated and low back 10/01 radiated. Was real happy with both treatments-stable till 10/03 then tumor in arm became active again.
    I refuse further chemo at this point, so asked them to rad arm again. Tumor appears to be gone, but arm broke during (from?) radiation and still hasn't healed. Remember that was 2nd time to rad same spot, which they usually don't do, now I know why! LOL
    Actually radiation has worked well for me, I've been "spot welded", had those little cancer cells zapped, but...
    I think it would also depend on the site. Wouldn't do the hip or thigh, as is weight bearing, and produces a major portion of lymphocytic cells. That would effect your blood count. Hope this helps.
    God bless.