Kanga - I Do Have an Incredible Man :o)

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I do Kanga, I do....have one incredible man that is and I thank God for him every single day. I also have an incredible "mum" a wonderful, wonderful son, and a father who was top notch and I just know continues to look down upon us and helps look after us. I've been blessed.

Bert says "Guten Tag" and doesn't quite know how the heck he does it either....8 months of chemo...4 on 5fu/leuc and 4 on 5fu/leuc/oxal...and the doses have not been low. But he is so grateful and having a good attitude sure helps a lot...especially last year when he was hospitalized with a colon infection brought on by the 5fu...so it hasn't all been without some minor set-backs. Bert's and my mom's basic philosophy is "life is very precious and you do what you got to do to hold on to it for as long as you can." Right Bert? He's says yes.

Hugs dear Kanga & Jen
Monika & Bert in L.A. where it has finally dropped below 100 F degrees today. We are toast!!!


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    I know how he does it Monika!
    HE'S GOT YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW---it's rainin cats n dorgs here--bucketting down and 10 deg(cels.)

    "holding a hand out to both of you!"
    xxxxxxxxxxxxkanga n Jen