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My 74 year old husband just had his esophogus and his stomach removed. What do I need to know or should I be asking about? Please send replies to as I am not sure how to work this board - not being a computer expert. I appreciate any help or information you can give me. Thanks so much.


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    Hello...I am the wife of a 57 year old 3 time cancer survivor starting in 1993. Esophagus, base tongue cancer and squamous cell on his leg. You have a large portion of the battle out of the way. But your battle has just begun.
    First of all, start a journal of absolutely everything you do, each procedure, each treatment, medication, side affect, eating habits, etc. Write down all questions you have before going to the doctors or treatments. And remember, no question is a stupid one since you know none of the answers. Do not be put off.
    You said your husband had all the stomach and esophagus removed. Hopefully he has some left. You did not say if he did chemo or radiation before surgery. I have submitted a lengthy synopsis of our journey that took us from June 1993 to the present. It is under Mack57.
    I hope there are some suggestions you can relate to there.
    Cheryl & Mack57 from Venice FL