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My wife was diagnosed with Endomitrial Stromal Sarcoma, in September, 2003; after a year of test upon test proving negative. Now, with a vague figure of 6mo. to a year to live, just how do you prepare yourself? It's a constant battle of ups and downs, anger, hate, but always trying to put my best face forward for her sake. How do you say goodbye to someone who has been your whole life; since their teen years, and find the strength to carry on?


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    I'm sorry to hear about your wife. I to have a similar situation. my husband 58 has prostat cancer and is doing poorly. one dr. says 6 months and one doesn't say a specific amount of time. my mind is always on the go. also we have a 4 yr ld son and i have tobe strong for him. just take it day by day and cherish all your memorys you have. i am trying to have a quilt made with pictures of all of us so my son or i can cuddle up with it and think of happy times. i hope it help and you will be in my prays
    g-d bless
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    I am sorry you are having to go through this. I lost my husband June 7, 2003. I prepared my as best I could for almost ywo years. I did all the things the social worker told me to, the journaling, the counseling and reading the information Hospice gave me to read. I don't think anyone can really prepare theirself for the death of a spouse. My husband got so bad I used to pray for the end to come so he would not have to suffer anyone, but when the time came I still didn't want to let go. My best advice is to talk to your wife and share everything with her. Enjoy every moment you have together and do as much as you can together. If she can not get out and do things, quiet moments together are wonderful too. The quiet times may be the best. If you can't talk to her about the anger and the scared feelings you have, find someone you trust to share your feelings with. I won't lie to you, it is a terrible experience to lose the person you love, but you do get through it and you do go on. It's been a year for me and it is still very hard sometimes, but I am making progress. When you make good memories with her now, nobody can ever take them away from you. I wish you the best and I know how hard your journey is. MA