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I have a question.Are their school loans for cancer pt`s or is there just normal school loans? I want to file for or aid but the institution will probally base evrything on the income of both me and my husband so there is no way that I can state that I have tons of medical bills . What do you think? You once mentioned to me about a site to go to for aid but I didn`t know if I wanted that at that time...Shirl


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    Poor child you give me too much credit. LOL
    I've slept since then and done suffered too long from chemobrain. I remember mentioning it, but can't remember the site name. Did you search the messages here? Maybe you can find it in the original post...or do a search on the net. Start with student loans and grants for women, then add in anything that helps...disability, race, religion, business, starting over, etc, etc.
    My best suggestion, pray for God to lead you to where He wants you to be before you start the search. You will be amazed at what you will find!
    God bless and best of luck. hummingbyrd