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Hi all, A lots happened in the last few days. I went to the chemo doctor that I had all the problems with. Boy, what a change!!! I went to him yesterday. I prayed before he came in to the room. I don't know if God answered my prayers that fast, or if he was just having a really bad day the other time. He was as different as night is to day. He was really nice. Joking around and everything. Shook my hand and I about fell over. He said that he was praying that I would beat this. He put me on a blood thinner, since I still have the port in my chest. He said to go off it about 4-5 days before surgery. He did some blood work. Said I seemed to be doing well. Said probably would need more chemo after surgery and I said that I really get sick and he said they had plenty of "puke" drugs. Like I said, he was really nice. My surgeons office called today and said they had scheduled surgery for May 20th, so 4 weeks from today, I will have it. I am so scared now that the big date has been set. More nervous than I was the first time I had surgery and I thought I'd never be that scared again. I really appreciate all the advice and friendship that I've shared here. So glad that I found this group. Please bare with my up and down moods. I guess we all have them. I feel so close to you all, even though I've only been around here for a few weeks. Again, thanks for being there.
Love and prayers, Judy H.(grandma047)


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    I am so happy to hear a things picked up for the better. You sound much better (aside from being scared about the surgery). See, one day at a time! We all have those ups and downs believe me and like you said, this place is great. Prayers do work...I kept you in mine. Stay strong.
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    I thought my onc was a gloomy guy when he started treating me but he was a top doc and seemed to know his stuff. Now he is one of my favorite people. Not only has he saved my **** - literally - but he turned out to be a real sweetie. He really cares. That worried look on his face is not a scowl, he is just a worrier.
    BTW I had an APR and you will, indeed, have to clear out the ole chute. Even tho' it is being removed the area must be clean to prevent infection. Don't fret about my post concerning all the wound problems I encountered after surgery. Not everyone is so sensitive to radiation. Cross that bridge if and when you come to it.
    Aspaysia, advising plenty of drugs so you can get some rest.
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    Judy- I am so glad to hear that you had a much better appointment with your oncologist. That is one load off of your mind.

    I hear you about being scared. I found the waiting time until the big day the worst. I tried to be good to myself, and in between distracted myself with exercise and work.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you that all will go smoothly.

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    hi judy,
    hope all is well and it sounds like it will be. just wanted to drop a warm hello and wish you all the best. these oncologists are sometimes a pain in the BUT!! excuse the pun. im not too fond of my mothers either. i wish he would smile once in while. but looks like yours is getter better and i wish you ALL THE BEST!! please keep in touch. i cant until my mothers surgery. i want the CANCER OUT!!!

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    Dear Judy
    Glad to hear your onc has come around, its so very important that you feel comfortable with him.
    As far as beening nerviou about surgey I know its hard but try not to think about it, I am going in for surgery on the 28th where originaly they were going to put a shunt on my left kidney due to the fact it is not draing properly, but now they found a growth in my bladder and they don't know what it is and this all started because I wanted to get my hernia fixed. I have my fingers crossed for you let us know how you make out.