81 yr lung cancer treatment?

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Hi, I was told my dad has non small cell lung cancer about 3 weeks ago and he is ready to do radiation on Monday. So, my question is, should we also do chemo? It's like the doctors are leaving it up to us and my dad. TheY can't operate because of it's location next to the aorta. He is pretty? healthy. He had a PET SCAN and the lung cancer is still localized. When he was 79 years old, he acted 59 years old, he worked, golfed, drove etc, then 2 years ago he had a stroke and now he is paralyzed on his right side and walks slowly with a cane. Still pretty sharp minded, but more confused than before. But he's my DAD!!!! And I love him so so much and I have admired him so so much. So my mom and brother want to have radiation only, so he doesn't suffer, but I am having a difficult time not giving him chemo to save his LIFE! But I would also feel guilty if something happened if he did chemo also. I read on this web site there's a lab that checks to see if a certain chemo drug can help with a biopsy of the tumor first? I can tell my Dad wants to LIVE, but he is also confused. Can someone tell me if they have a dad that's in his 80yrs with lung cancer and had radiation AND CHEMO or just radiation. HELP! I am reading that there's drugs to help with the side effects and I am also reading some people are miserable. I am reading some people are recovering with radiation and chemo and some are not. If anybody reads this, please tell me what you think I should do to help my DAD. I know he wants to live, but how much would he suffer if he did radiation AND chemo?? How much??? Also he has been a very optimistic person all his life, and I can see he is trying to be strong in front of us, but for the first time in my life I see a sad person... MY Dad. Please tell me your stories with radiation and chemo, to help me figure out what's best for my dad, who I love SO MUCH!!
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    I don't know much about the radiation, but my mother went through chemo and it took a toll on her body. It put her in such a weakened state there were times I thought the chemo would kill her. I'm happy to say she made it through it and is now recoving. It's a hard decision for the person to make. My mother had the choice of radiation after the chemo and chose not to have it. After the chemo, she felt she'd been through enough and chose not to do the radiation. Any decision she made, we supported. She's the one living with it. It's your turn to be the strong one now. Just running back and forth to doctors is enough to mentally drain a person. When he feels he can't think positive anymore, then you do it for him. **** Luck!
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    hi, I am Mike and have small cell lung cancer, Iwould first seek a second opinion , and also check into the new type of radiation, HMRT, or something like that name, it is point specific and only hits the cancer tumor, and is less damageing. I am sorry I don't know the name exactly but my friend has non-small cell lung cancer and was not responding to normal radiation and chemo. He now has responded to the new type of radiation and the tumor has shrunk 85% so far.well I will keep you both in my prayers, and hope this helps some. Mike ,
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    I am 45 yrs old and 4 yrs ago I had both chemo and radiation for stage 3b lung cancer. The chemo did take quite a bit out of me, but I was also doing radiation at the same time. THere are a lot of medications available that alieviate the side effects of the chemo; I was lucky enough to have a natioinal cancer institue available in my area (tampa, fl)- seek a second opinion first; I am glad I went ahead with the treatment though; the side effects went away about 4 weeks after my treatment. good luck to you - I know it was harder on my family dealing with my illness than it was on me. I wish you the very best. I had both cisplatin and etopiside for my chemo drugs if it of any help.