My Father -- Right Side Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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My father was just under went a radical neck dissection, had to have part of his tongue and soft palate rebuilt using tissue from his chest, and they also had to cut through his lower lip and chin to remove cancer that had spread along the jaw. I am his caregiver. His surgery was three days ago and he seems to be doing well physically, but at night especially, he becomes delusional, hallucinates and will not stay in the bed. It is very alarming and I wonder if anyone else went through anything similar. I wonder if this is normal. I really can't get a straight answer from anyone here -- they are evasive. Anyway, I am concerned about the cause of this and how long it will last. I am staying at the hospital with Daddy and I am getting very tired, but I refuse to leave him. If you have ANY information or experience with this, please let me know.

Also, is there anything in particular I can do for him to make him more comfortable. Obviously, he can't talk and most times lately is too confused to know what he wants or needs.

Thanks so much.


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    My dad had laryngeal cancer & had to ahve a tracheostomy. Ask the hospital if he is getting sleeping medication? Sometimes that can be causing delusions -especially if combined with pain medications. I am sure his stress is high. We did find a head/neck cancer support group in our city. Ask your surgeon or the nurse or the discharge planner if they know of someone who has gone through this to talk with you and him