memory loss

I need to know if anyone has experienced memory loss after having radiation treatments. This loss seems to be ongoing and both long and short term. Also loss of appetite and fatigue and a sense of being overwhelmed. The doctors say it is not connected to the radiation, but I think it might be. Please help.


  • SharonEL
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    Hi Sophie,
    You don't say where you were radiated. Since this thread is about vaginal cancer, I would assume you received pelvic or abdominal radiation. I do know that the loss of appetite and fatique can be a result of pelvic radiation. The memory loss and feeling of being overwhelmed is probably just from the whole cancer experience.

    I know I went through treatment like a trooper as far as my emotions went. I never lost it or anything. Just smiled my way through. Then once it was over, the emotions hit big time. I was sad and depressed. I ended up quitting my job because I was so overwhelmed.

    Give yourself time. I think things will get better. Also, don't be afraid to talk to your Doctor. If the memory loss continues to get worse, ask about it. Cancer and treatment is an overwhelming experience.

  • michigangal
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    Dear Sophie. I just finished all my treatments, both external and internal radiation and I am depressed, full of anxiety, etc. I sympathize with you because sometimes just to take a shower or do a simple task seems like climbing Mt. Everest. Speak to your doctor. I just recently consulted with my doctor about anti-depressants. I am trying my second one and it seems to be better than the first. I was at a Wellness Group meeting and the intern counselor had said for every week of radiation your body has, it takes two to recover. I know my attitude was as soon as I was done with treatment (plus six surgeries) I could just jump up and get back to my life. This is a life changing experience. It is very frustrating not being able to to five things at once, but I was assured by several survivors and my counselor that things truly will get better. I can only suggest that you keep hanging in there and pray a lot. Prayers got me through an awful lot and will continue to do so. I am not preaching I just know that there is power in prayer. Write anytime. I hope this helped.