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You are the "kick butt survivor", or so I have been told by very reliable sources. I am a real newbie. Stage IV, with only one chemo treatment thus far. I was hoping you would share the basic life lessons you learned and followed to get to where you are today. I understand each and everyone is different, but I am almost overwhelmed with "helpful directions". I was hoping you could help me prioritize some of my "stuff".

Thanks muchly in advance and sloppy kisses from Scouty Pouty, my 18 month old boxer pup.

Lisa P.

PS. Spongebob, or is it Spongebiscuit, or is it just that he is a Seabiscuit these days in Key West????? He seems to have a special gift for humor and I know that is important!!!!!


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    Hi Lisa...

    I'm honored to hold such a high reputation! I have been victorious in this Stage 4 situation, and have a few small but meaningful bits of advice:

    (1) Don't listen to statistics. My good friend SpongeBob agrees with this one...odds are for Vegas, not people. If you are told you have only a certain number of days, you'll only shoot for that number. Take each day as the precious gift that it is, and make the most of it.

    (2) Information is key. Get as much data you can on the available treatments. This will take out the fear of the unknown, and make you brave and strong.

    (3) Coming here to vent or even just to go into the chat room and talk about something other than cancer is very theraputic. After being diagnosed, it's easy to let the whole "cancer concept" consume you. Try to fight that, as it will help you get back to "normal" living.

    (4) Use that puppy to your advantage...I have a 16 month old 112 pound Great Pyrenees (named Mojo!) who is wonderful! He keeps me laughing and on my toes. Scouty Pouty will be your buddy through this all.

    We are all here for you, and even though we come from different parts of the globe, we all understand what you are going through. Some days you'll want to think about everything you're going through, and other days, you'll just want to pretend none of this is happening. That's fine...take each day as it comes, and before you know it, you'll be up and running again!

    Please keep in touch,