keepswimming Member Posts: 2
I completed 6 months of ABVD 3 weeks ago. Any ideas on how long before my hair starts to grow back???? Thanks :)


  • dpomroy
    dpomroy Member Posts: 135
    I predict that in the next couple of weeks you will be sprouting some peach fuzz. It will probably be really blond. Next it starts to look baby bird-like, kind of wispy and fine. In 3 months or so, you will be sporting a "GI Jane" kind of look, and it may even be sort of curly. Then you're on your way! Hair grows about a half an inch a month I'm told. Not fast enough I know! But you will be so glad to have some on your head, you wouldn't even care if it were green.
  • karieallen
    karieallen Member Posts: 23
    my hair started growing back about a month after chemo was over...I never lost all of my hair (about 75%), but I was so excited when I started to feel the little stubble all over, and yes it grew back very curly and stayed curly for a couple of years.
    congrats and good luck, and celebrate when you first see/feel those first brave, new hairs!