6mm pulmonary nodule HELP Please!

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My doc has told me I have a 6mm nodule on the upper right lung....ct with contrast was done on the 14th with no news yet... they want to see if it is isolated or if it has spread.....I am scarred to death that I have cancer ....it runs in the family....I am 40 y/o 27 year smoker..
Please respond.


  • broganspond
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    Approximately 1 year ago I was found to have a 9mm nodule in my left upper lung. I was 43 then. Maybe I can help
  • nancydi
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    Results came in and they told me that it has calcified but, now they have found another one same size 6mm and I have to go back for another ct in 3 months to see if it has grown.
  • herbie856
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    Nancy, There is great hope. I am a 3 year lung cancer survior. I was treated @ the Mayo Clinic. I did 5 wks. Chemo & Radation, Surgery and 10 more wks of chem. It has been hard, but well worth it. I have a husband 2 older children and two younger. I had a team of 8 doctors that decided because of my young age and other good health to give it to me full dose. It has been sucessful. We lost my mother-in-law a year ago from the same non small cell. Give it all you've got. I will be here for you. Kathy from Minnesota
  • hi nancy my name is kayona. i had cancer in my left lung an they took it out. i have a nodule on the right lung but it is just a scar. but the best thing to do is have it checked out.it may be nothing .dont get upset till you find out. if you need to email at b[email protected] would be glad to talk to you.