how long can chemo be delayed???

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My dad has HD IIA nod. Sclerosis. He suffered from a Pulmonary Embloism. He is doing much better, but they have delayed his chemo, they want him to be physically better to continue 2 more treatments and then have radiation for 10 minutes every day for a month. Whats the longest anyones chemo has been delayed. I'm worried that this may compromise my dads cure.


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    It's one of those situations where you have to put faith in your doctors. I've known people who have had Chemo delayed for several weeks. THis might sound weird but I hope it helps:

    Chemo is a faster killer than Hodkins. Therefore it is vital that your body is fit to cope with chemo before it is given, if not then the effects will be much worse and much faster occuring than the effects of the Hodgkins. As Hodgkins IIa as not that far advanced I would continue to put my faith in the doctors.

    Best luck to your Dad,

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