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Hi, my husband underwent a total esophagectomy on March 3. After being in the hospital for 7 days he was released, three days after being released he developed staph infection and we were told that he had a leak where the stomach was connected. It has been 6 weeks and he still has the leak. He is on an NG tube and hates every minute of it. Can anyone tell me how long that it will take for the leak to heal. The doctor is optomistic and keeps telling us that it will heal. But he is getting a little discouraged since we won't see the doctor again for another month.


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    The same thing happened to my mother who had surgery almost two years ago. The doctors monitored the leak and she had to have CT scans done every two weeks until the leak healed. Has your husband's doctor scheduled any kind of test to show the progress of healing? I can't remember how long it took for my mom to heal, but it was around a month or so. Everyone's body is different though and sometims it takes a little longer. Stay optimistic though, I'm sure everything will be fine. Is your husband on any kind of antibiotics for the staph infection?
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    Hello jemnurse, this may be too little too late, but I went through this in in 2002. It is a long story and they had HUGE complications with me back then, but the leak finally did heal itself about 2 months after the fact. I had the surgery in May 2002 and went home finally in late July 2002 - 61 days later. But I had other problems as well. I am hoping this has healed by now since it is over 2 months after your post. You can contact me if you like or you can go to my story on the web at: http://home.earthlink.net/~jcw-ec/jcwstory.html to read my whole story. Good Luck to the both of you and I pray your husband has a full recovery !! JCW
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    Hi, my uncle is going through this right now, and I am at a loss as well. Its hell watching him suffer like this. He had 2 surgeries to correct the leaks directly after his initial surgery to remove the tumor and part of the esophogus and stomach. He's had 3 surgeries in 3 weeks. Now they have left the espohogus unattatched to help promote healing and he is on a feeding tube. They are talking about him coming home for six weeks before they even reattach!!! I don't know if this is common or what. He looks very thin. He is 64 years old. It seems from what I am reading that this is common. That is takes 2 months or so to heal. Any info from anyone would be greatly appreciated.