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colonoscopy today; no was a breeze-got to watch it in real time living color compliments of Olympus.. clean test, none of them little buggars in thar.. the prep (3 days starvation and laxatives) was worse than the procedure. Bud


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    I agree the prep is the worse part of the procedure. Congrats on the results.
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    Congratulations on your wonderful test results Bud...Do you think Hallmark makes a greeting card for an event like this? Enjoy your weekend!! You deserve it!!!

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    Great news, Bud. After all you've been through, it sure was time for some good news. Agree that the prep is awful; I get nauseous just thinking about it, and my next scope will be months away. Seems medical science should be able to come up with something less noxious. Enjoy your weekend; we're thinking spring down here!! Judy
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    Dear Bud - CONGRATULATIONS!!! So delighted to hear no "little buggers". Thanks for sharing the great news.

    I've got my "one year post surgery"" colonoscopy coming up in a few weeks -- I shall take your positive news as a good omen!
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    Great to hear such good news. Way to go!!! Keep up the good work, it's all worth it.
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    That is great news! Enjoy.

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    KrisS said:

    That is great news! Enjoy.


    Hey Bud--great news!!!!!!!
    As for watchin it--mmmmm--not this little black duck mate--I go for the knockout every time--n that times comin again soon!

    Hey--next time maybe seeing as we are in "upside down land" they can do just that with the prep.
    mmmm--now if they put me on one of those swivellin upside down tables they could feed the horrible stuff thru a tube in me backside--wait till gravity does the cleansing trick , then turn me back the right way up n let it all fall out???
    IT'S GOTTA BEAT DRINKIN THE STUFF--don't yah think?--he he
    luv n our best Bud--kanga n Jen
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    Congrades Bud glad to hear everything went well.
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    Hi Bud,

    Congratulations on the colonoscopy... Good to hear your pipes are clean !!!
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    Lisa Rose said:

    Hi Bud,

    Congratulations on the colonoscopy... Good to hear your pipes are clean !!!

    Hey Bud,

    Good news on the colonoscopy! Hooray for you! I know the anxiety of getting through all these tests. I'm here for you. Take care.

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    YAY!! Congratulations, I am so happy for you. I love good news.
  • Well done, Bud. Well done. Bert's, done on the 7th of April, was clean as a whistle too. Gosh, that just sounds so great! Keep it up and so glad to hear it. Some good news at last.