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Hi- My dad is being treated for metestatic colon cancer, failing leucovorin, 5-FU, c-platin. Anyone else on this treatment? Outcomes? Side effects?


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    here's an article that decribes Avastin:
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    I am not sure if I am on the same treatment, but think I am. Leucovorin, 5-FU, and Oxaliplatin, also known as Folfox 6, along with Avastin. I am stage 4 too....liver mets....and have only had one chemo treatment so far...just last Thursday. I did not have the Avastin this first time,while my port-a-cath heals. I was fortunate to have minimal side effects from the Folfox 6, mostly the cold sense tingly feeling in my fingers. Is your dad on a every other week treatment plan? If so, I will keep you posted as I go. Several others are curious about the side effects of Avastin since it is so new.

    Lisa P.
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    I am not on Avastin, but may go on it shortly. The center that I go to did some of the trial work for this. The oncology pharmacist thought it was well tolerated. My oncologist told me that he was most worried about one side effect- if I should need surgery, apparently 30 percent of people have problems with wound healing, because of the effect of suppressing blood vessel growth. Some people have had mild nose bleeds, and there have been a small number of people 1-2 percent that have gotten perforations in their gi tract with treatment. Apparently some people have gotten good response with shrinkage of their tumors, although my understanding is that eventually the tumors can become resistant to this as they can with other cemotherapies.

    Best wishes for your Dad.