Osteoporosis update

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Hi everyone. Saw one of my oncologists last week and his suggestion regarding my bone density test results (-3 for spine L1 region) was calcium supplements and exercises. I wasn't too pleased since I had read that supplements are a good way to prevent osteoporosis, not to treat it. Anyway, I ran it by a few of my favorite nurses in the treatment center and one of them brought my file to one of the other oncologists in the practice and he said he wanted me to start on Fosamax right away. So much so that he called a prescription in to a pharmacy where I was going to be on vacation! I find it so amazing that even within the same practice, doctors have such differing opinions. I guess we just have to go with what we feel most comfortable doing. I took the Fosamax.


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    My scan showed -2.5 in the spine and -1.7 in the hip. I also elected to take the Fosamax. Been reading where researchers are looking into the possibility that healthy bones are less likely to develop metastesis so it may have an added benefit.
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    I had osteoporosis prior to my diagnosis (probably due to thyroid problem). Have taken Fosamax for years, a real nuisance when it was daily. But, it worked for me! Actually rebuilt bone :). I'm increasing my walking and taking my calcium, but not within 2 hours of iron or even multi-vitamin. Sometimes you need a nutritionist or pharmacist to know the best way to take anything. Docs never told me what interferes w/ what. Doubt they know. I am now on Arimidex which is also bad for bone.