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hi my name is neil, i had squamas cell cancer and the soft palate. it was in jan 2002, i did 44 radiation treatments in 6 weeks and 2 weeks of chemo 24 7 with a week in between each session. the first year was fine except for the dry mouth and the swallowing, now all of a sudden my throat is sore again and my voice went to a nasal thing like talking thur your nose, has any 1 had any thing like this the drs dont seem to no what is causeing it, this has been abou4 months, makes a guy prety miserable. if any one has any thing like this or wants to comment i would be glad to hear from you. THANKS AND GOOD LUCK


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    Hello Neil, my husband had SCC of the soft palate with the uvula (the little dangly thing at the back of your throat) as the primary. In his case they removed the soft palate (and some other areas, like right tonsil). By doing this it gave him a very nasal voice, sounding like he had a cleft palate. He has a prosthetic device that he wears to sound normal. Wondering how this all relates to your problem? Hoping you find an answer soon!