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Hey Ron--good to see another Ozzie in the room.Beat tha demon did yah--great news mate--very happy 4 yu.Was wonderin what yer ailment was?
I could tell yu mine here but that would get the others goin yada yada --"betcha they are readin this!"Nup---yu can read it on my profile mate--basically some doc. got his rocks off usin me for a semi colon reject op. then did the right thing n stuffed me full of poison(5fu/luec.) for the last 6 months.Had a helluva time with that plus got chemo brain to boot!

We still alone?---aw--doesn't matter--the guys here can't understand most of our ozzie lingo anyway!--he he

Got pretty p--d off with the chemo--made me so tired and also had other s/effects--ie; nausea,metallic taste, diarrhea, and a whole heap of other stuff as well as the dreaded mouth ulcers.
I sucked on lollies for the taste but don't let Emily on or she will earbash me on the virtues of sugar intake!

Guess like most here I was scared to death of having the big c but had to hold the fort 4 Jen n the kids--oh--I am 49 BTW.
Still a bit worried bout the outcome of tests in the next few weeks but remain hopefull.
Hope yu read this n come chew the fat occassionally.
All the best mate and tks for your reply
kanga n Jen

PS--ok guys--now yu have read this yu can all go back to other topics knowing kanga now has a co-conspirator down under--he he


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    "Rolling Thunder From Down Under" is in the HOUSE!!

    Welcome Ron. Now maybe someone can translate the lingua australis for us yanks!


    - SpongeBob