sarcoma of the groin

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My father is 73 years old and had his tumor removed-also having to remove some organs to clean it all out-he is three month after surgery and having a very hard time recovering-he has anemia and he is also lives with only one kidney-
Has anyone had the same experience and can tell me how long before he will feel better?
He is taking lots of medication for pain and high blood pressure
He was very active before



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    Hi, I think cancer or any illness is especially hard for people that have been active. There are medications, erythropoeitin, that can help to treat anemia, but the cause of the anemia is important in how it is treated. I have undergone over 12 surgeries, from age 30-45. It can take some people 6-12 months to recover from general anesthesia and major surgery...without having a lasting anemia. Does he have someone outside of the family to talk to? Stress , and the inability to release it by restricted activity, could increase his fatigue and lead to depression. I think he and/or you need to discuss this with his physicians. Best wishes, hope this helped.
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    I just had a 20lbs tumor removed, retroperioneal liposarcoma, lost right kidney, right ovary and fallopian tube. Tumor created multiple hernias, which had to be repaired after cancer surgery. Because of his dad, I daresay it make take your dad a while...I'm 49 and it's been very hard, I'm vey fatigued and have good and bad days. According to my doctor, the one kidney remaining may grow somewhat as it's now doing the job of two...if you need to me