Lymphedema massages & exercises

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I am interested in seeing if anybody out there can answer two questions that have been confusing to me. I think I have Stage II Lymphedema (the least serious stage that will always require attention. Here are the questions:
1) I think I was fortunate to have my condition discovered as early as I did and also fortunate that Mine is in my (predominent) left arm.
I found a good Lymphedema Nurse to work with me. She has me on a self-massage program -- but I have been given two differt answers about how many passes when I massage that I should make over a particular area. My Nurse first told me four. I asked her later, and she told me that they recommend doing everything 15 times. Massageing 15 times seems to be excesive. I found a video presented by someone appeared to be very authorative. This video recommended four very slow and light passes. What have others out there been told?

2) I am a man, which I understand makes be a minority in having lymphedema. It came about due to the recurrance of milenoma in my axiallary lymph nodes which had to be removed. I suspect, but don't know, that by being a man that I can lift more weight than women. The reason for saying this is to find out how others exercise. I tried using the exercise bands that were given to me. I quickly discovered that I like using weights more. For some movement exercises, I use 5lb. weights, but for some I use 10lb. weights and feel that I could eventually use 20 lb. weights or possibly more. This is more that what my PT tells me, but I feel that my body will tell me of my limits. If I can use a 10 lb. or 20 weight without quivering and without pain -- it would seem to me to be ok. Does anybody have and insight or experience in this matter?