Welcome Jeff!

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Your first post has so many responses, which should tell you something about everyone here. I decided to start a new one for my reply.
First....Welcome! Glad to hear you are keeping positive, that is very important. Also glad to hear how well you are recovering from surgery.
My cancer was also found in the cecum, but not until I was having surgery for a cyst on my ovary. Needless to say my surgery was much more extensive than planned. I had 6 inches removed from my colon along with a hysterectomy. The cancer had spread to my ovary. I was diagnosed with Stage IV because it had spread to other organs. There were no lymph nodes involved. I had 6 months of chemo which I finished on Feb 04. I am pleased to report I am cancer free and feeling great!!
So keep that chin up and stay positive!! There is always someone here who has an answer to a question or kind words of encouragement.
Keep us posted and take care,


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    See Jeff--remain positive, keep yer chin up mate n join Carolyn --great to hear Carolyn---thats one kick in the butt for the big c girl!!!!!
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    Thanks very much for your positive vibes!! Please read my latest message entitled "Went to the Oncologist today" in another thread. Thanks again for your support.