Marion and Kathy

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Hi hope you are both doing well. Went to see the doc yesterday about the transplant .They will be testing the 2 matches and checking with the insurance company to see if and how much they will pay and I will be starting 4 treatments of chemo soon to shrink the tomers I have to get ready for the transplant. The doc informed us of the risks ( Graft Versus host Disease) and the meds I will be taking so I looks like a go if all goes well with the insurance and my 2 matches.Marion why did your doc say a alleo is not good for you ? Did he give you any other ways of treating you?Glad to here blood is coming back to normal. Let me know how you make out with the doc on the 28th of april. I will be thinking of you.Debbie


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    Hi Tazy, my husband Jeff has to see his oncologist at Indiana University Medical Center on April 15. He has had two rounds of chemo and they did not shrink his tumor any. Plus, he no longer has an oncologist in our city, Bloomington, Indiana. We're still hoping to get the transplant. Jeff said he just wants to go back to work, but to look at him, he's just not able. I'm still worried sick, and then this is pay taxes week too. When it rains it pours. Let me know how you're doing. Kathy