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Help! I am on tamoxifen and the hotflashes are wicked. I'm sure many of you can relate. I'm lucky if I can sleep two hours at a stretch. I'm exhausted. Has anyone tried Evening Primrose or acupunture. Would appreciate any advice you can give. I have to stay away from all estrogen related products.


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    Hi future, I'm 38 and got thrown into menapause with sickening hot flashes. Same problem with sleep, couldn't do it anymore! I'm ER negative so I can't take estrogen products, my doctor (oncologist, gyn, & pharmacist, lol) all had same info. I was prescribed an anti-depressant for hot flashes and Ambien sleeping pills to get rest. The anti-depressant has really helped with the hot flashes!!! The sleeping pills are a savior also, get about 6-7 now average. God Bless, Julia
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    Hi Sue here,my doc told me 400 mil of vit e and evening primrose along with my effexor 75 mg.BEEN DOING PRETTY GOOD NO MORE CRYING SPELLS AN D THE HOT FLASHES HAVE EASED UP. bEST OF WISHES

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    I also have had terrible night hot flashes when I stopped hormone therapy. My doctor gave me a prescription of Amitriptyline. Which I highly recommend. It not only helps/eliminates hot flashes it also is a sleep aid and antidepressant. You can take up to 200 mg daily if needed. I take 100 mg around an hour before I go to bed. I personally have never slept better or as restful.
    Good luck, Nancy
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    Hi, I was on taxoxifen for 18 months as a cancer prevention, but had to stop due to side effects, this was 18 months prior to my DX. Had the hot flashes also, and my mother taught me to do deep breathing exercises from her tai chi class, really did help. Everything the others suggested also helped and I used a combo of oil of evening primrose (my primary dr suggested), amitriptyline, and drink lots of fluids. Also, for me the hot flashes came less frequently after the first 6-8 months. Good luck and good health, BJaye
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    Hi same problem. Doc put me on 75mg of Effexor which helped at first,then flashes came back worse. Advised to double effexor,did, worked at first then guess what....flashes back but worse. Saw own PCP who suggested coming of effexor since not depressed and still flashing. Terrible withdrawal symptoms even though I came of very gradually but amazing the flashes are not nearly as bad! Seemed they can be a side effect of effexor. Moral of this tale, what ever you take monitor you body's reactions closley.