Bert's Colonoscopy :o)

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I guess my happy face in the heading gives it away, doesn't it...but that's okay. Bert is clean. Nothing. Not even a polyp. Results have already been sent to Bert's oncologist who ordered this unscheduled exam. The surgeon who did the colonoscopy was recommended by the onc...he's his colleague and this doc was the doc who operated on King Hussein and Ronald Reagan. Didn't know that until just about a day or two ago when I looked up info on internet. That must say something for him when these two guys who could literally have the pick of the litter chose him. Anyway, nothing in the colon and Bert is feeling just fine. Ate not 20 minutes after the exam and has now gone to work for the afternoon. I took the rest of the day off because I'm exhausted ;o)

So, two CATs are clean, to PETs are clean, colonoscopy is clean....why is his CEA between 5.9 and 8.2? Go figure. I'm just happy with the way things are going and won't let those CEA numbers ruin my day or my life. I am counting my down, one to go. Friday I go with mom who's had her PET to see what her recurrent lung nodule is doing.

Take care everyone and God's Blessings for you all.

Monika & Bert who is going to lie down and take a nap...she deserves it :o)


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    Hi guys,
    GREAT news. :) Monika, you deserve a long nap and then some; and what a trooper Bert is....going to work after. Did he have any anesthetic/analgesia? I came home from my baseline colonoscopy, when I thought I was the picture of health, (ha) and promptly puked and slept for about 3 hours.
    Good thoughts will accompany you and your mom.
    You deserve the pleasure of sunny southern California. We here in New England are waiting for the daffodils to bloom.
    By the way,I loved my quick visit to LA, the weather and flowers were just great. Enjoy. Judy
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    Way to go Bert! I got goosebumps reading the message because I know the anxiety and uncertainty we all feel until we are assured all is well. There are many times when the CEA numbers are low even though problems exist, so this is just an example of the opposite. Wishing you continued good results and a Happy Easter! God Bless!

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    Great news!!! I think I've responded on this before, but the chemo itself, especially 5 F/U can cause the CEA to elevate. They think it is related to the turnover (sloughing) of cells in the GI tract. My level went up from 2 to 8 during chemo, with all tests also negative. It fell very, very slowly, after chemo was done, but stll hovers around 2.5 - 4.0. My onc says it may never get lower, and we probably should not obscess about it. Yea well, it's my CEA, not his, and I may obscess about anything that damn well pleases me!!!

    Bottom line, glad to be in the same boat with Bert.

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    Ahoy, Monika & No-type!

    Doin' the Happy Dance for you. (trust me you don't want to see it... I dance as well as Bert types - but I'm Doing IT!)
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    Dear Monika & Bert,

    That's fabulous news!!!! So happy to hear all is well. Good luck with your mom. I sincerely hope all goes well and both of you are being sent great vibes & wishes right this minute!

    Lots of love,
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    What wonderful news! You and yours deserve it. I was soo very happy while reading your post. CONGRATS and best of luck with Mom. May God be with you. Take that long nap and do something special just for you.. Happy Easter. That Bunny will be doing the happy dance at your house!
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    Great news Monika!!! SO happy to hear that! Sweet dreams - you deserve them! Being the caregiver is mentally exhausting!
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    spongebob said:

    Ahoy, Monika & No-type!

    Doin' the Happy Dance for you. (trust me you don't want to see it... I dance as well as Bert types - but I'm Doing IT!)

    Monika and Bert,

    Let's all count our many blessings. I am so thankful for your good news. It is wonderful to me how we all seem to be such a family and think often of each other. You are in my prayers this special holiday season. Good health, lots of love and many more blessings and a long life are my wishes for you.

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    Boy, that kind of news could float anybody's boat..I've heard that sometimes CEA is not an accurate marker, esp. if it was not elevated pre-surgery.. anyway, wish I had Bert's appetite..nothing seems to slow that down.. Bud
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    That is great news. I am so happy for you and Bert!!!! May God bless you both.
    Love and prayers, Judy H(grandma047)