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My father has Stage IV, Small cell lung cancer. He is receiving 2nd series of chemo this week. He has been diagnosed for 8 weeks and since that time he has not been with us mentally because of the drugs. He has very few lucid moments. He has to have constant care. He is miserable, confused, constantly wanting to move, never at peace. The cancer is in his bones and liver, but not in his brain. I want to know, if the chemo works, will he have to remain on pain medicine, is it possible for him to get back to some degree of normal. He has been the backbone of a very close family, and the hardest part of all is not being able to get through to him to tell him what is going on so he will understand.


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    Hey , my name is Tammy. I lost the best thing that has ever happen to me , my Mom . The tears are now flowing. I can only say this to you .You only have one dad , and he took care of you , now its your turn . Say everything you never got to say , and enjoy every moment with him. May God bless you and you are in my prayers. If your out come is different then my please email me i need to here something positive. I am a smoker myselfe and need to stop, its a hard habit to stop. If you want the truth of whats in your future, well only God knows . I lost my mom after 16 weeks of finding out. And yes the chemo took its toll . Mom had it everywhere,brain,bones,liver, colen. Yes he will have to remain on pain meds. As the tears flow ,I must tell you mom was our back bone ,she was all my brother and I had , I am so sorry, The truth is you need not to give up. Do you believe in God? Pray Pray Pray and I will Pray with you ,may god bless you and your family . Please email me and keep in touch shorefreak@msn.com . P.S now its your turn take good care of Dad