Spot appearing after third - 3-month check up

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Could someone please tell me if this has happened to you? I have Stage 3A lung cancer. I had surgery one year ago and they found cancer in some of
my lymph nodes, therefore I needed to have "agressive" chemo and radiation. I finished my last treatment in July 2003 and had my 3-month check-ups
but now my third check-up, just 8 months after my last treatment, they found a spot on my other lung (left) and told me that it is too small to biopsy just yet and that instead
of coming back in three months, they want to see me in two. I don't understand this and why
are they not scanning the rest of my body? I have asked these questions, but I am just wondering if there are other people
out there that went through this and what became of it?? Should I just sit back and wait two months? Thank you for any help in this situation.


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    what was their answer on the body scan?
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    Hey my name is Tammy , no I have never had cancer, but I know its a matter on time. everyone in the family has had some type of cancerLook its like this don't trust anyone . You can't wait three months is your life, go see another doctor I live in Maryland and Johnshopkins is the best. my email address is anyway I can help let me know . more then happy to help. I lostthe best thing in my life my mom to lung cancer. My grandfather had it and with treatment early treatment lived a long life.May God bless you
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    Hi my name is Jackie I have stage 3b and my doctor see's me evry three weeks, I would not wait for two months it could grow and spread by then I would insist on a pet scan or full body MRI. This is your life and you cannot let them play with it. You call the shots and decide if you want to wait 2 months or not. best of luck I will pray for you.