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I have another question. My oncologist is suggesting I get on a stage 3 drug trial that uses dose-dense treatments every 2 weeks and has a 50/50 chance of patient getting either A/C or Taxol only. No other chemo meds, but support for low blood counts, etc. Has anyone else ever heard of using just Taxol for stage 2 breast cancer? Thanks BJaye


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    No, I have never heard of this. That's probably the reason for the study. They're trying it out. I'd read through Dr. Susan Love's "Breast Cancer Bible" and read anything I could get my hands on through the Internet, before I made such a decision. The normal treatment is the A/C, followed by Taxol and radiation. Good luck on your quest.
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    BJayeCo, I had taxol with stage 2 bc. I had it along with adriamycin. I trust my oncologist to make the best decision medically in what will treat my cancer most effectively. I am now 2 yrs out and counting. Hope it contiunes. Using Taxol for stage 2 is not uncommon. I am a three time breast cancer survior, so it cant be all bad. Hang in there. Good luck. If you have questions, Id be happy to answer them, just email me.