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Hello My name is Sue and I am new to this site. My husband was Sept. 2003 with Stage IV colonrectal cancer which has spread to his liver which is 60% involved.He is currently undergoing Chemo. He was not a candidate for radiation. He has had 4 CT Scans and the last one 2 weeks ago finally showed that the cancer in his liver is getting smaller. His spirits are so much better now as he said that all that he is going through is worth it. Our #1 priority next to surviving is the quality of life. Can anyone give me a clue as to how long does the chemo keep working? Also what happens next. The Doctors say that his side effects will increase and the recovery time will also take longer in between treatments. How will we know when enough is enough. The doctor also said that this chemo is not a cure it was just to give him more time. I am still having a rough time with all of this. I have been looking for help for the caregiver since Sept. AS I have been going this solo. If anyone can help or just to talk please reply. I also want to let everyone know that I found a wonderful book "Cancer For Two". It was a GREAT read. It was the only thing that I found so far that was able to help me. The web site is or you can call-1-800-366-2347. I have even talked to the Author Dave Balch. The book is about Dave and his Wife Chris and there experience with cancer. I don't usually recomend anything but this is great. Again,is anyone can help me or just to talk. It will help.

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    Hi Sue, My name is Teresa and I love to talk to you.. My husband been battling stage 3 colon cancer for 11 year.. I guess its really stage 4 no mets to the liver but spread to organs in his pelvic he will be having surgery may 5th to remove his rectum , prostate and bladder
    They too are saying his prognosis isnt very good .
    If I can help you in anyway give me yell.