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Hi all I was wondering if someone can help me find a support group in Missouri where I'm from for those who are younger (in their 20's and 30's) a years of age that are survivors of childhood cancers. If anyone can help please respond. I would really appriciate it.


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    Hi Aquagirl.

    Sorry it took so long for me to post an answer. It is actually hard to find 'live' support groups that are made up of childhood/adolescent survivors. Here's why---childhood/adolescent cancer is relatively rare. Finding a enough survivors in one small area would be pretty hard to do. Most children travel many miles to be treated at large facilities but don't live near those places. They come from all over. So finding a group of survivor in anyone small area might be difficult. Even in a large city it is hard to gather a group of survivors of childhood/adolescent cancer.

    Having said that it is easier to find various forms on the internet that serve childhood/adolescent cancer. There are email discussion rooms (not my favorite)...bulletin boards...and informal groups that IM each other.
    There are two support groups that you might find interesting at One is specifically for young survivors, 4YOUTh. The other is the LT-Survivors group and has survivors of all ages but almost all were treated as children or adolescents.
    You can always write me directly if you need help finding these groups or if you want more information.
    Linda Zame ([email protected])