found out why dad was so fatigued

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank everyone for all there support, this has been an emotional rollercoaster and this has helped me out alot. My dad was extremely fatigued and was having treatment in florida, he came home and is seeing Dr. Zimmerman a highly recommended oncologist affiliated with Sloan-kettering, he took my dads blood tests and he was anemic. He immediately gave my dad a shot of Procrit and Neupogen. He is also going to lower my dads dosage of bleomycin. My dad has to see a pulmonologist, he developed a cough after the 5th treatment. Hopefully now my dad can regain his strenght back. Dr. Zimmerman was upset with the fact they should of been giving my dad these shots to stimulate his counts, All I can say is thank God for the great doctors in New York. My dad is going to have a pet scan before his 7th treatment and if there is no activity they will end the treatment and give him 4 zaps of radiation. We just have to pray the cancer is gone. Remember everyone my dad is 71 years old and what a fighter he is. Stage IIa.
Thanks again for everyones support it is greatly appreciated.