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Showing my sensitive side here, I wanted to share this with all of you.

(click on "View Presentation"). It's sad to say, but for many of us - myself especially - it took this disease for the words you will see at this site to mean something.

Be well, my friends...

- SpongeBob


  • Truly beautiful Spongers and what a wonderful thing to share with us.

    Big hugs,
  • kerry
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    What a beautiful site! Yes, life, love, family and friends all take on new special meaning for many of us. The flowers this spring are more fragrant than I ever remember. Thanks for sharing your sensitive side with us. You are special.

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    That was the most moving thing I have seen in ages! SO beautiful....thank you for sharing it with us!
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    Hi Bob, It was awesome; the pictures alone are inspirational, and you're right...until we are forced to stop and see the truely important things in life, most of us don't take the time to notice. Thanks, Judy (glad to see you are still able to post)
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    Excellent! You find the coolest things on the 'net! (I think we all knew you had a warm, fuzzy we have proof!)

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    You remind me of those cookies with a crisy biscuit base and solid dark chocolat coating filled with marshmallow. Your reputation as the naval gazing comic with a sweet exterior and soft center is still very much intact. As usual, you have given us something to chew on.

    Aspaysia believes chocolate can cure anything.
  • spongebob
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    Excellent! You find the coolest things on the 'net! (I think we all knew you had a warm, fuzzy we have proof!)


    Yes. I'm afraid I've been outed!

    - SB
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    Truly amazing. Thanks for sharing the site.
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    Thanks SpongeBob, very nice
  • grandma047
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    That site was awesome. You're right that it does sometimes take cancer for us to see certain things. I recomitted my life to God last year, just before I found out that I had cancer. I kinda suspected it, but kept telling myself that it was nothing. Now my priorites are straight. God first, then family, and friends. Thanks for sharing this beautiful site with us.
    Judy H(Grandma047)