has any one had their portacatheter taken out

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Has any one had their portacatheter taken out if so did it hurt after wards .I'm getting mine taken out on Friday the 2nd of April .I will feel good about it because I will know when I get it out that my cancer is behind me. And also does any one have problems with facial hair if so what do you do about it.
I still find out that I tire out very easy is that still normal my cancer surgery was Feb.of last year and my chemo treatments ended in June of last year.


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    Hi Marilyn:

    I never had the port, so can't respond to that part of it, however I don't recall anyone saying that it was a particularly painful experience.

    I didn't get real facial hair, following treatment, rather a kind of fuzz going on just in front of my ears where my hariline ends. About an inch down the side of my face, I'm guessing. It wasn't there before and I was a bit concerned and
    wondered what on earth I'd do if it became dark and course or grew all over my person. Perish the thought! No one else could see it but I could, especially in the light of my makeup mirror. It went away about a year after treatment and just when I was getting used to it! LOL I actually no longer noticed it or worried about it as it hadn't seem to change at all. Hoping that some of the other ladies here can offer their experiences to reassure you.

    Re your tiredness: It seems that it's been about 10 months since you completed chemo. I'm assuming that your counts are checked regularly at your onc. visits and are normal? I ask because some women's counts never return to pre-treatment levels and if they're borderline, it can contribute to a lack of energy. If you haven't been checked for this, I'd advise doing that as soon as possible, just to know that everything is ok.

    Another reason may be that your body just needs more time to recover fully. We're all different and some of us need longer to recover than other's. If your fatigue is interferring with your routine and schedule, I'd definitely discuss this in detail with your onc.

    Also, do you take a daily vitamin or any other supplements? This can often help to rebuild our system following chemo as well as keep our bodies better balanced/maintained.

    Exercise is another important thing to do for yourself. Just a 15 or 20 minute routine each day can really help in rebuilding the stamina.
    Maybe start with 10 minutes/day and build up from there. Even a short bike ride or walk is great.

    If you're eating well and getting adequate rest and your counts are good then it's likely that your body needs more time yet. Your doc should be able to figure out the reason for it and put your mind at ease. Please keep us posted.

    Good luck with the port coming out! I know you'll be sooo relieved to part company with it.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    After all you have been through, the removal of the portacath will be a piece of cake. The facial hair issue will resolve on its own. My surgery was in February of 2003, chemo ended August 11, 2003, radiation ended December 10, 2003 and I still have to be very careful in managing activity and rest. I still tire easily. Now, I am able to work an eight hour shift and walk out to the parking lot pretty well, but noticed that if the air is damp, take ten points off my energy level. If it is going to snow or rain, take 20 points off of my energy level and take medication for aching joints.

    We are both doing fine. Hooray for us!
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    Hi Marilyn, I didn't have a port, so I can't talk about that, but I did have the fuzzy face after chemo when I had none before chemo! From what I read here it is a common occurence. For some ladies it goes away others claim they nair it or wax it, Mine has lessened somewhat but it's still not back to "my normal". I'm exhausted too. The only answer I've gotten is sometimes when you gain your stamina back and go back to life as before about 6-7 months or so later you get the 2nd wave of exhaustion. Not everyone experiences this but it is common. I noticed that I got my stamina back, started exercising again and life was good. Now I'm exhausted again. Don't know if this helps, but at least you know you're not alone! Hugs,
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    PORT removeal - piece of cake- went back to work next day-would have gone right after but the anestheas (spell check is broken..lol) always gives me a headache..
    FELT WONDERFUL to have it OUT!!! I finished treatment in September and had it taken out in February.
    Good luck and God Bless
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    Yes. Mine was removed and had absolutely no problems afterward. Congrats!!!
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    Hello Marilyn!
    I had my sub-clav port removed while under general anesthetic. Told the surgeon that I couldn't cope with feeling or hearing anything! *wink*
    Having it on my chest, just below my left clavicle, I have a horrendous scar now. That area moves much more than one would suspect... The Plastic Man even revised it (Oct. '03), the revision is no better- stretched horribly as well. It has (hopefully) ended up 2.5 inches long & wide, red and puffy. The sensitivity of the scar is calming down now, after months...
    Most people get the port in the upper arm- if you happen to have a sub-clav, be sure to keep that area as still as possible. Wish I had known in advance... but hey, I look at it as a war wound. Rather shocking when seen in an open neck, etc.. but something to remind me of what I've gone through. *shrugs*
    I've never heard of anyone else mention and pain after removal.. surely you will be fine! *smiles*
    Facial hair, as others have said, will likely go it's way and your energy will return. Suddenly, one day, you may realize that you feel great!
    I personally felt better than I had in years- the cancer had been quite a drain for some time.

    Life is good. Best wishes and celebrate your port removal on Friday!
    Be well,
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    Congrats! I agree, the port removal means the end of your treatment--back to your real life. I had my taken out one week after my last chemo treatment. I did experience a stinging or pulling at the incision location for several months after the removal. (By the way, it was on my chest just below my collarbone) It's fine now, 4 months later. The scar isn't beautiful, but I can't wear low cut tops any longer anyway so who cares?
    Good luck Friday!
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    I had mine out and it was wonderful! barely any scar and yes- it felt as if construction was beginning instead of destruction of my body. I am still tired and I had Jan surgery and finished chemo in May/June so- I feel your frustration. When I get really tired my eyes really water just like when i was on chemo. SO, I guess I will just hang on til I get back to as normal as normal is post cancer. I do try to remember all the people that would love to only have to worry about being tired and that helps. I agree it's a valid feeling and we do get to "own" it but until it gets better I just keep going as I always do- one day at a time. So, good luck on your journey thru cancer and God's Blessings- Candy
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    Hi Marilyn, I had mine out (sub-clavian) in the surgeon's office under local anesthesia. It was a piece of cake and healed quickly afterwards. Like someone else said, it does leave a nice scar, but that doesn't bother me - it's another badge of honor - LOL!! Diane
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    I had my port removed Tuesday,in the docs office under local anthestia #*%@|.Mine was tilted and has bother me since it was put in,so I'm glad to have it out,It's actually in my purse.The shot stung a little but worked quickly,a 2 to 2 1/2 inch incision,it's a little sore but now I know it will get better.Congratulations on your completion,God Bless You!
    Take care w/love Sue
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    mssue said:

    I had my port removed Tuesday,in the docs office under local anthestia #*%@|.Mine was tilted and has bother me since it was put in,so I'm glad to have it out,It's actually in my purse.The shot stung a little but worked quickly,a 2 to 2 1/2 inch incision,it's a little sore but now I know it will get better.Congratulations on your completion,God Bless You!
    Take care w/love Sue

    Sue...You mean they gave you a 2-2 1/2 inch incision to remove the port?

    Had mine put in June of last year, finished chemo in Sept. and still have the port!

    No one seems to be in any real hurry to remove it and it feels like it's starting to pop out of my skin.

    Have an evening filled with wonder....
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    Had my port removed at time of 2nd (elective) mastectomy, with no problems.

    Downy facial hair will go away with normal face cleasing, etc. (At least, mine did)

    Congrats on finishing. Remember to give yourself time to recover, one day at a time.