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So far so good! I'm about 3 months off of the last of my treatments and I feel great! My energy level isn't quite as enthusiastic, but I'm hoping it gets back there. It has improved quite a bit in the past two months. I used to walk 1 mile at a 20 min/mile pace and be tired. Now I can do 3 at almost a 15 minute pace!

So what's my deal? Diagnosed with NHL stage II large cell aggressive in June 2003. I got the quadruple whammy of treatments - surgery to remove 7 cm of small bowel (call it the tumor tube if you like!)) - six rounds of CHOP - six rounds of Rituxan - 17 doses of IMRT (radiation). And as I said, so far, so good. CT scans are my future now. I'm sure my ins co is pleased! Hey - if I had a choice! ;-)

So now I'm back to work nearly full time. I'm getting back into the exercise routine. Time to drop those prednisone pounds! Remember that nasty taste from the first dose of chemo?! Ugh! And then you take that prednisone (why can't they make those things in coated form?!?!?! I was so close to dipping them in chocolate! At least I could swallow them w/o that awful bitter taste!), it just says "hey dude, the fridge, I think we need to go visit it!" You respond "but I just ate" and it says "yeah, so what - get up and get some more vanilla ice cream!" Whew! The ice cream was wonderful! It tasted great, plus it was liquid. I don't know about you guys, but I had a hard time putting down liquids....and I needed them - lots.

A big part of keeping my sanity was being able to laugh. We all know the saying that "laughter is the best medicine." Well, it's also about the cheapest too! No insurance required! It's being goofy like that, that really made me forget about the pain for a while. Then I started thinking - how can I spread this around? What can I do to make a difference? If I can just make people forget about cancer for a bit, to laugh and joke and smile - what a wonderful escape. There are just so many benefits to it all. Since I couldn't do any benefit runs or charity pledge bike rides at the time....and I've done several every year...I had to think up something unique. The result is I started a store of sorts that caters directly to the cancer community. Hats, shirts, musgs and more - all aimed right at patients, survivors, supporters and even the caregivers! The idea - "lauging in cancer's face." We laugh at it, we make fun of it and we'd even kick it in the teeth if we could! But most of all, we are helping to bring a smile to cancer patients. Just a little escape from it all. And since cancer sucks and no one deserves to be diagnosed with it, we're gonna send our profits back to cancer research and support organizations - every stinkin little penny!

Please stop by the site - - let me know what you think. It'll continue to grow every day. Hopefully, my little effort here will help make a difference for at least one person out there!

And for those still fighting NHL - hang in there!


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    I am very happy for you that all is turning out well for you. It is so good to hear a positive person. I have only heard negative. I am new to this network just signed on yesterday. I am the Message below yours (the one about the Idiotype Vaccine). I am waiting to go into a study. I have Level 4 mixed cell Lymphoma with bone marrow involvement. No treatment yet, in the watch and wait period, which is really tough mentally. I was diagnosed Nov 2002. But the doctor says it's just about time for Chemo and I am apprehensive. Your story was uplifting.
    Take care & God bless you.
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    larry. you sound great. had same as u. clean for 1.5 year. narmal again.gary
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    Your message was encouraging. I am only 36 years old with 2 little boys, and just was told today I have the same thing and stage as you. All of this happened in just 1-1/2 weeks. So, quite SHOCKING! Everything is happening so fast. I have to go in tomorrow and start chemo and a bone marrow test right away. I, of course, have went through the feeling of dying, but I'm trying to stay positive through my faith.

    I have always been healthy, and the kind of person who can't walk into a hospital or have a needle touch me without wanting to faint. So, my biggest fear has happened. I am really frightened of the treatment tomorrow and the waiting to see what affects it will have on my, or my kidney, etc. It is so hard, not to let you mind think you are going to be one one with the low odds of the some terrible reaction, like your kidney, etc.

    I am glad I got onto this site, and decided to look and read. Thank you for your inspiring message and great sense of humor.

    Oh, so far my tumor is all across my chest, haven't got the full body scan results yet.

    God Bless, LaDonna