Perianal Crohns Disease/Cancer in Anal Canal

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I'm trying to find information on a rare anal canal cancer. My husband is 57 and has had Perianal Crohns Disease since his early 20s. Has never allowed an illeostomy to be performed. A rare (from what his doctors tell us) cancer was found in his anal canal. The "tumor" itself is actually filled with a gelatinous material which is the cancer, when debulked prior to treatment, the tumor was flat. My husband refused surgery and recently finished chemo/radiation therapy. 6 weeks with the infusion pump (5-FU) and 6 weeks radiation. Just wondering if anyone has infomation on this type of adenocarcinoma they can share. Thanks!


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    Someone a while ago gave as a web site that has information on rarer gastrointestinal tumors. It seems a bit of a cumbersome web site to navigate, but on brief glance appeared to have quite a few references for rare intestinal cancers.

    You will need to know the name the pathologists have given for the tumor to be able to search for more information.

    Hope this helps,

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    Hi andig,

    I have no idea about the type of adenocarcinoma, but I can point you to an interesting testimony about healing Crohns from a doctor's perspective (the doc being the patient).

    This doc also helped his grandmother who had cancer. I find it fascinating.

    Hope you find some answers.

    peace, emily