spot on lung - please reply

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hi there,
my mother has been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. she's been going through many tests and we got word back - the liver is clear BUT there is a "small spot" in her lung. thier not sure what it is yet. any thoughts? does this mean its cancer?


  • Christinesan
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    This is not necessarily cancer. I could be an old injury, scar from pneumonia, etc. What do the doctors say? She may have to wait a few months, take a CT scan, and see what it develops into. In the meantime, I'd start checking out a more holistic approach, eg, eating only food that is organic, learning to meditate to deal with stress, etc. Best wishes to you and your Mom, she must be really scared. I have Stage 3B lung cancer, 3 tumors, inoperable, so I am all too familiar with the fear and pain. Right now, I'm playing the excrutiating waiting game too. Wishing you both all the best. xxoo
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    sweetie, look its like this . Don't worry. How is the relationship between you and mom? Make every second count. And if she is sick well now its your turnto take care of her . I lost my bestfriend 15 months ago, Mom . she had lung cancer. Moms was far gone, it spread to brain , bones ,colen , liver... Its sound like you may have caught it in time . My grandfather lived many years with lung cancer , he caught it in time.May God bless you and your mother. My email address is if anything I can do to help please feel free