Gleevec users

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What other options have you heard of after this drug has little or no effectiveness?


  • Yammi
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    Hi, I have a friend who used Gleevec too. I found some information for her and would like to share it with you. Since you didn't specify the type, maybe you can have a look at the site at:

    It discusses the treatments and side effects for Leukemia. Please let me know if that's helpful...Good luck!
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    Go to the National Cancer Institute there is discussion of two clinical trial drugs
    Seek info out on this the imatinib derivative AMN107 and the dual-specificity SRC/ABL inhibitor dasatinib.AMN107 is said to be 10-30 times more potent than Gleevec. Good luck my prayers are with you stay in touch I have CML DXjust two weeks ago and Gleevec has put my WBC back to normal with no serious side effects.All people are different in repsonse to Treatments and keep a positive attitude and seek the comnfort of friends and family to give you moral support.