Dads Hodgkins/worried if pet scan shows activity after 8th treatment.

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Does anyone know if the relpase rate for stage IIA is the same for all other stages. My dad is going to have his 7th abvd treatment, we are all anticipating the 8th cycle , so they can perform a pet scan. My dad is really hoping for the cancer to be gone, I'm afraid if it is not, he is going to be upset, what can I tell him if there is some activity still showing, what will make him feel reassured and not worry.


  • stepet
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    Even if the pet-scan still shows activity it doesn't mean that there is still cancer. I had radiation treatment for hodgkins 1a last winter. When it was completed they did a pet-scan and there was still "activity" the doctors said it was probably just scar tissue. So I have had cat-scans every three months since. Nothing has shown up on those. I go in May for my next pet-scan to see how it looks. Yes I still fear the possibility that we didn't get it all. I don't know if there is any real way to make your dad feel better if they see something, other then being there for him and letting him know he is not alone. I don't think you can really feel good until they tell you you are in remission, which I am still waiting to hear. Good luck to your dad and I will pray they see nothing!
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    I don't know the relapse rate, but my mom had Stage IV HD and throughout her treatment every doctor we saw told her that if you had to have a type cancer, Hodgkin's Disease was the one to be diagnosed with because the survival rate is so high. She was quoted a 50-70% chance of being in remission after being treated with ABVD, and in her case the chemo worked. I would think that the odds of your dad being cancer-free might be even higher than that. If the Pet Scan still does show "activity" it could very likely be scar tissue. I completely understand what you are going's very hard to watch a parent go through this and there is probably very little that can prevent either of you from worrying right now, but just try to keep in mind that the odds really are in his favor. I'll say a prayer that he gets back great test results!