Judy,SB & Stacey

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It was great to see you guys on the sharon Osbourne show it was almost like we had met in person. I just wish that they had talked to you more and in depth. So how was Mortons.


  • spongebob
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    Heya, Pattie -

    Good to hear from you! Maybe we can all meet in Austin!

    - SB
  • I missed it!!!!! Gosh darn it, I missed it!!!! X*#$^%@)$&**$$!!!!! Were you guys in California...L.A. area???? Ah heck, why didn't you let me know. I'd have loved to meet you in person and actually put faces to the names.

    Monika in L.A. who is upset that she missed the show, but it couldn't be helped.