i think it's back

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Well, went to the er b/c there was some diarrhea problem with blood, and the er doc said it's probably viral. anyways, took x-rays, and went to get the results from the radiologist. well, he claims there may be a small soft tissue mass on his right kidney. I'm so worried, b/c he only has ONE kidney. going for a ct scan in about 3 weeks....has anyone has this type of experience where they suspect something and they are wrong????? God please let it be so.
do the treatments work a second time around?
Please offer some of your experiences. He's had both Chop-R and radiation. thanks


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    HI Rocky, hey I don't want to be harsh but I think you better try and stay cool, at least for your dad sake,just wait and see what the Ct scan says,why jump the gun before you know the results? lymphoma can effect the kidney but that doesn't mean to say the kidney has to be removed ,it can be treated, so please don't worry there.. As for the treatments working the second time around..everyone is different,and we all take the treatments in different ways, what works for on might not work for another,Rocky with lymphoma it is a watch and wait game(w/w)only time will tell.How old are you? I can't remember if you told us? I think u said that your dad is 61? so he has lots of options open to him,heaps of different treatments etc ok?..you take care and you and dad are in my prayers..Marion
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    hi my name is Susan - I had large b-cell lymphoma, stage 4 in my left lung - I also took chop-R. During my third three month follow-up pet scan they found a pretty good size mass on the lower right side anterior to my bladder. Even though my oncologist wanted to watch it - I panicked and went to another doctor whom recommended a needle biopsy. It turned out to be fibrous tissue. I will be praying for you and I hope that it will turn out to be nothing - and I know how the waiting can be - it can drive you absolutely nuts. My oncologist told me when I took chop-R that if it didn't work there were several other treatments we could try - but I don't know if you can take the same kind - I think it depends on how many treatments you had before - there is a maximum. Good luck and please if you need some support or someone to talk to e-mail me at serangels@yahoo.com. Be thinking and praying for you.