gratitude and good news

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Thank you to all who offered encouragement and prayers while I was awaiting test results. I have no evidence of spread to bones or organs, and the tumor discovered in the lymph node is shrinking after being on Armidex less than a month. Doctor expects it will continue to shrink and may then have radiation to try to eliminate it. I am feeling very hopeful.


  • seeknpeace
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    Congratulations Betty!!! that is wonderful news!! I found out today that my cancer was not estrogen receptive so I am celebrating that too.
  • tlmac
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    Betty, This is the best news I've heard all day. Thank you for sharing it with us. Best of luck on your treatment. I'll be remembering you in my prayers.
  • billandpatty
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    It's great to hear good news! Even when it's not our good news, it makes us feel good inside to hear that others are getting some breaks in life. I think it gives us all hope. Thanks for passing on your joy.
  • judiek
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    That's wonderful news!! Wouldn't it be nice if we all got news like this everday. Congrats!!

  • HollyTraci
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    Betty, so glad to hear that your scans look clear. My bone mets are being treated with taxol every three weeks along with a bone strengthening agent every third week. I did not get in the clinical trial, but still have hope. I don't know how many treatments I'll have. Guess it will depend on what bone scans show every three months. Good luck!
  • Mich1417
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    Yippee! I've been checking back all the time to see if you've found out! Great news! You keep up the positive thinking, we'll keep up the prayers! Thanks for letting us know!
  • Etta
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    Betty - congrats, keep thinking positive. All my prayers are with you keep up the good work